Heathfield’s E-Praise Goes Live!


Heathfield’s new school rewards system is designed to motivate students by recognizing the great things they do. Students are awarded praise points online, making things a lot quicker and easier than the traditional paper-based school reward systems. It’s not just about saving time though – this system is jam packed with features such as leaderboards, achievements, milestones, certificates, draws and charitable donations which help make motivating students easy.

Visit epraise – Heathfield school to find out more.

Please note: Parents must register their email address with school before they can register and log on on ePraise. Contact Natasha Rand if you require assistance.

Important Dates for Your Diary!



Our Open Mornings and Open Evening are coming up, don’t miss the opportunity to see the school in action.

Open Mornings take place on the following dates between 9:30am and 10:45am:

  • Wednesday 8th October
  • Thursday 9th October
  • Friday 10th October

Please contact Sandra Cavill or Meri Pugh on reception (01823 412396) to make an appointment .

Open Evening is on Thursday 2nd October from 6:00pm until 8:30pm. The Head, Mr Peter Hoare will address prospective students and their parents/guardians at 6:00pm and again at 6:45pm in the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre.

Please come to the Tacchi-Morris Foyer (not the school reception) on your arrival

Year 11 Marine Biology Field Trip to South Devon

South Devon Marine Biology Field  Trip 2014As part of the Triple Science course, 17 students spent 2 days plunging into rock pools at Wembury and surveying the shores of the River Avon at Bigbury-on-Sea.

Classification was the focus on Saturday morning, with the Wembury Marine Centre leading small groups off to identify echinoderms, molluscs, annelids, chordates and more!

Specimens were then taken back to the Marine Centre and using a digital microscope we saw Bryozoans feeding, star ascidians and blue rayed limpets up close.

Students were then given time to complete 2 surveys

1. Investigating the shape of limpets in relation to wave exposure, by comparing populations of the exposed Wembury rocky shore to the sheltered coastline of the Avon Estuary.

2. Survey the vertical zonation of seaweed (particularly the wracks) and the adaptations each species shows.

Limpet Survey

Limpet Survey

Many thanks to our students, Mr Ford and Mr Dawe for making this trip so successful!

Whole-School Student Survey Results

These are the key requests from the whole-school survey (845 responses) that took place in June 2014

You Said:
On a wet break/lunch 68% of you said that there were not enough wet weather rooms/areas open for you to use.

We Did:
There are at least two designated wet weather rooms in each department, the small hall and the new shelter on the hard court.

You Said:
80% of you said you do not like the longer period 1 on a Tuesday.

We Did:
We have got rid of this and now all 5 days have the same times!

You Said:
74% of you said that written feedback is important for you to make progress.

We Did:
Feedback (written and oral) is a whole-school policy for every department this year.

You Said:
85% of you said that turning merits into money for charity would encourage you to collect more rewards.

We Did:
Our new online merit systems, called e-Praise, is revolutionising the way we give merits and the impact this has on you, staff and the wider community.

Agricultural Dairy Careers Taster Day – A date for your diary!

Agricultural Dairy Careers Taster Day – Blackmore Farm, Cannington, 10 til 2.45pm, 24th September 2014.

If you are interested in a career in dairy farming and related industries and would be interested in attending this Taster Day please see Miss Rogers next Mon or Tues in H4 or Humanities office.

Heathfield School Taunton Summer Camp


We have had two weeks of fun working with our up and coming new year 7 students, developing confidence, friendships, self-reflection, learning with others, and coping with challenges. The summer camp was set up to support students that may require some addition support during the transitional period from primary to secondary.

Over the two weeks the students have met with Avon and Somerset police dogs and handler, two police horses and riders as well as a para Olympian by the name of David Hill forma para Olympic swimmer and now triathlete. All the students have had the opportunity to meet Heathfield staff and current students from the school as they have been the ones delivering the programme alongside Create Development.

Heathfield Fantasy Football League


Calling all Heathfield football fans
Students, Parents and Staff
Why not try your hand at the amazing
Heathfield Fantasy Football League ?

What you have to do (by September 12th):
1) Log on to the fantasy league website and click on “sign up now”.
2) Follow the instructions to create your team.
3) Enter your team in the “Heathfield League” (a “private league”) – entering the following secret code : 547813-141860
4) Choose your team for the next gameweek – and off you go.
5) Monitor how your team gets on and make transfers as we go through the season

It’s simple – and fun – and you don’t actually have to know anything about football to join in !

If you were in the league last year then you should automatically be added to the league when you refresh your team.
(Many of you have already done this)

The league will start on Friday Sept 12th so everyone starts from zero points (to make it fair)

You have until September 12th – so get your team organised now !
Julian Breeze (League Administrator)