Yr11 Triple Science – @Bristol DNA Detectives & Ice Skating

29 students became forensic scientists to compare DNA samples from a crime scene with those from a group of suspects.  Using gel electrophoresis to separate DNA digested with restriction enzymes, every group had an excellent result in seeing distinctive genetic ‘fingerprints’ to distinguish between the samples and so identify the true suspect.

Then it was out into Millennium Square for some ice skating under the planetarium.  A lot was learned about resultant forces, momentum as well as the issues of a low friction environment.  Thanks to all students and staff for making this an event that is sure to become a popular feature of our Triple Science course.IMG_20161209_151327

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Heathfield Swifts project


Summer 2016 has seen the launch of the Heathfield Swifts project. The Eco Team, the DT Department and the Site Staff have combined to install 12 Swift nesting boxes on the Humanities Block.

Swifts are fascinating birds that spend much of their life on the wing, including an annual migration to Africa and back. They eat, sleep, bathe, mate and catch nesting materials whilst flying. Their aerial existence is unique and fascinating; it was estimated that an eighteen year-old swift discovered dying in 1964 had travelled 4 million miles in its lifetime. This equates to travelling to the moon and back 8 times.

Building modernisation has meant that swift numbers are declining as nest sites disappear. At Heathfield we hope to lend the swift a helping hand by creating new nest sites. Follow our Swifts@Heathfield blog to find out more about these amazing birds and how our project develops. Given their short three-month stay in our country we are doing everything we can to attract local swifts to our new nesting colony.

A huge thank you to our sponsors Viridor and Wessex Water, who have made this project possible.

Click here to visit our Swifts@Heathfield Blog

Ecoutez, Répétez


7 students in Year 7 have taken on the ultimate challenge – to write and record a pop song in French and to produce a pop video to accompany it! Not only that, but they have entered their video into a region-wide competition. To show your support, please follow the link below to vote for them (Number 20 – Ecoutez, Répétez by Heathfield Community School).


Mental Health Awareness Week 2016


This Mental Health Awareness Week (16-22 May) we are focusing on the impact of relationships on our mental health and wellbeing. Good relationships help us live longer and happier lives with fewer physical and mental health problems. Investing in your relationships is as important as healthy eating, exercising and not smoking.

Today Recognise and reflect. Think back over the week. What sort of a friend have you been to others? What sort of friendship have you received? Have you made a conscious effort to value other people and to appreciate what your friends mean to you?

Year 9 students can now make their curriculum choices online. You will need to log into the VLE to do so. Once logged in, click here and follow the instructions on screen.

Curriculum choices now online.

CScape Dance Company


The Dance Department welcomes Jessamin Landamore from Cscape Dance Company who will be working with 40 Year 9 Students in a weeks long dance intensive.