Art Exhibition 2014


Class of 2014 Year 11 Art students exhibition of GCSE Art Work on Monday 16th June 3:30 – 5:50pm

You are cordially invited to a private viewing

Matisse, Kandinsky & Picasso rooms complimentary refreshments

Exhibition on show Tuesday & Wednesday 3:30 – 5:50pm

Last day Thursday by appointment

GCSE Photography and DT also on view

DT Exhibition in DT2 lasting until Friday 20th June

Yr.8 Landscapes

Students worked in small groups to create a ‘Landscape Panoramic Extension’ inspired by our critical study Peter Booth. Students used oil pastels to complete their artwork. They also needed to develop their inter-disciplinary skills by communicating effectively in their small groups to successfully blend/join their artworks together. 

Once completed, each artwork was photographed and stitched together in Photoshop and uploaded to a Prezi [public online presentation]. The links are below: Hope you like them – maybe even post a comment?

Mr. Brown

8RB –

8RC –

8LD –

Peter Booth, Snow Scene, 2005

What is happening in Art this term?

Works of Art in the Art department!

This set of large scale unusual portraits was created by a year 10 Art GCSE class. These drawn portraits were created using charcoal, soft pencil and grey scale collage media such as newspaper. They were on display in the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre for a month last year.


 The theme of unnatural nature inspired this year 10 work. Paintings on wooden board and screen printed patterns were inspired by the artists Katie Allen and E. A Seguy.

The Grid has inspired these painted canvas works. Each year 10 GCSE student was asked to create a set of painted canvases then followed this with a printed textile piece.


Year 10 students squashed their faces against glass to prepare for this drawn outcome. Each student spent 10 hours creating a tonal drawing based on themselves in a ‘Confined Space’.

Mrs Roberts’s collection of pom poms!

GCSE students are expected to each produce a sculpture for their portfolios. These examples from year 10 are giant objects made from a combination of card and paper.

Students in Year 10 were asked to investigate the theme of The Sea. They went on to create large scale tissue and willow fish and beautiful shell inspired lino prints on marbled backgrounds.

Year 8 got involved in the Café Paramo project when they were asked to create clay mugs decorated with Aztec patterns from Ecuador.

 GCSE students have the opportunity to create a number of different types of prints during their two years. Lino prints here are based on the theme Holidays and contain bright jewel colours and tropical objetcs!