What is this course about?

Childcare is taken as a BTEC course and covers two lessons per week. It is a vocational course and in year 10 and 11 we go on placements in nurseries and schools. There is written coursework assessed throughout the year by the teacher. There is also a final exam. Guest speakers come into the lessons and offer hands on advice.

In Year 10 we cover the development of the child from 0-16. We look at the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and language development. In the summer term, we start the second unit about “Keeping Children Safe” and this culminates in the ever popular “real Care” babies – prepare for sleepless nights!

In Year 11 we complete this unit and take part in a First Aid course and a Food Hygiene certificate.

This is a hands on experience and previous students have been highly successful in achieving excellent grades and learning real life skills. For more information, see Mrs Raywood.