BTEC Applied Science 2013

The structure of the new BTEC Firsts in Applied Science is designed to reflect the unique nature of science learning – in particular, the fact that content must span three disciplines (physics, chemistry and biology) rather than just one.

BTEC First Awards in Applied Science

To ensure sufficient breadth and depth, applied Science has two awards:

  • Principles of Applied Science Award
  • Application of Science Award

Award: Principles of Applied Science

Award: Application of Science

Unit 1: Principles of Science *

Unit 5: Application of Chemical Substances

Unit 2: Chemistry and our Earth

Unit 6: Application of Physical Science

Unit 3: Energy and our Universe

Unit 7: Health Applications of Life Science

Unit 4: Biology and our Environment

Unit 8: Scientific Skills *

* Unit is externally assessed

* Unit is externally assessed

Mandatory units

BTEC Level 2 Firsts deliver a robust, broad-based introduction, units in both awards are mandatory. For the Principles of Science Award, these are units 1-4. For the Application of Science Award, units 5-8 are also mandatory.

Employers and education professionals can be confident that learners achieving a BTEC Level 2 First will have gained a solid grounding in the essential knowledge and skills of Science, and can progress into further or higher education, or into employment.

It provides an engaging, robust, broad-based introduction to applied science principles.

The underpinning knowledge, understanding and practical skills that make up this qualification reflect the needs of employers and higher and further education professionals. This gives full-time learners the opportunity to enter potential employment within a wide range of science sectors, such as process, industrial, medical, or forensic.