Careers Information Advice and Guidance


At Heathfield you will have access to independent and impartial careers advice and guidance, about the range of education, training and employment options available.  Students can access information and advice enabling them to make realistic informed decisions at key transition points in years 9 and 11.  Careers at Heathfield seeks to raise aspirations for all students in order to help them achieve their ambitions.  As well as face-to-face guidance the school offers other careers related activities for students to engage in such as insights into the world of work, visits to local colleges, work experience, enterprise clubs and links with local business partners.


Mrs N Rand – Head of Enterprise, Miss J Rogers – Head of Careers.


If you have any quesitons about careers, university or about your future do not hesitate to contact Miss Rogers or Mrs Rand.

Year 9

This is when you will have to make your subject choices for GCSE.  It is important that you keep as broad a range of subjects as possible over and above the core subjects (English, Maths and Science).  During the year you and your parents/carers will have an opportunity to discuss your choices with the Careers Adviser as well as attending Options Evening.

Year 10

In the autumn term you will be given the opportunity to experience the World of Work Day which involves looking at personal statements, employability skills and interview techniques.  In the summer term you will be given the opportunity to take part in Work Experience week.

Local colleges and training providers usually attend career events and parent evenings during the year.


Year 11

In the autumn term local colleges will visit the school during assembly time and you will have the opportunity to meet them at career events and parents evenings during the year.  In addition the colleges offer interviews and taster days.

Miss Rogers will let you know about applying to colleges during the autumn term.  Note Bridgwater applications need to be done online, they offer travel support and you can apply for scholarships..

You will have the opportunity of an  interview plus attend occupational group work sessions. These aim to help explore your options after year 11 and show the range of education and training opportunities you should consider.

To help with Careers information research and support to use the various careers websites please see  Miss Rogers for advice.


There is a Careers fair on Wednesday 15th October at J24, North Petherton from 10-6:30 – Entry is free.

— Careers Fair – October 15th

Agricultural Dairy Careers Taster Day – A date for your diary!

Agricultural Dairy Careers Taster Day – Blackmore Farm, Cannington, 10 til 2.45pm, 24th September 2014.

If you are interested in a career in dairy farming and related industries and would be interested in attending this Taster Day please see Miss Rogers next Mon or Tues in H4 or Humanities office.

Year 9 Options – Planning for your future



In Year 9 you currently have more choices to make about your future than ever before, however there are a number of factors that affect what they might be. An increasingly competitive job market, high youth unemployment, and rising fees for higher education might all impact on your thoughts and plans, making it even more important for you to make the right choices for your education, training and employment.

To help with making the right decisions, you should receive information, advice and guidance about your future. Heathfield School are committed to ensuring that you receive all the help and support you need to be successful.

Whilst a career may seem a distant prospect at the moment, decisions you start making now about education and training may affect your options later on.

We have produced a leaflet on issues to consider for Year 9 and future planning, along with links to online resources.  Click on image below to view it:-

Year 9 Heathfield Options lealflet

Year 9 Heathfield Options lealflet

Full Careers Information is provided on the Heathfield VLE – click on to learn more.

Imterested in what jobs and careers are available locally ?  Look at our Apprenticeship page which has updated vacancies every day throughout the year.  Click on to learn more.

Finally, some food for thought. Below is a map of some key trends that might affect your future.  Not to be taken too seriously, but you might find it interesting.

Trend Blend 2007 map

Trend Blend 2007 map


Parents Evening is on Thursday 6th March if you want to chat about any aspect of future careers and planning for success. It is never too early to explore what might be of interest to you.





New Access FM Radio Broadcast – Students at the World of Work Day

You can hear the buzz of the day for yourselves!

“Thanks for letting us get involved!  I was covering for my Drive Time show presenters yesterday, so wrote a big chunk of the show around the clips we’d gathered.  I’ve chopped up the relevant bits and stuck it online here.  It ended up being almost 18 minutes of content about the day & school!” Access FM’s Tom Copestake

Listen here!

If you need help with your Work Experience placement then see Mrs.Rand, Miss.Rogers or Mrs. Hawkins.If it’s STEM you’re interested in then see Mr.Childerley. Good luck. deadline for your applications is January 17th 2014.





Career websites – World of Work

The following have all been checked for quality and are free to use. Please contact the  Careers Coordinator Mrs Rogers, if you require any help or support to use these websites..


Careers Information

 National.Careers.Service  icould Career Box Alec
 Impartial Information on over 750 jobs and careers  Over a thousand videos of people telling their career stories in their own words

 Case study films  showing real people doing real jobs

 Free Advice on writing CVs, interview skills and job search advice
 Career Pilot  Careers World Total Professions
Your choices at 14, 16   and 18, and how you   can study and work at   the same time  Labour Market Info       on Careers in the South West  Guide to over 300 professional bodies          & related careers
 Brightside  Russell Group
 A guide to successfully choosing your A level subjects for your future.  A vital guide to A levels required by the main competitive entry universities for degrees



Be an Entrepreneur – create your own future

 Startups - Build a Better Business Young Entrepreneur Society Ltd (YES) Shell Livewire
 Create your own future, start your own business Support for young entrepreneurs and      how to become one  Supporting young business with practical support since 1982


Apprenticeship Information

To see a current list of all apprenticeships within 20 miles of Heathfield School click here

 National.Apprenticeships.Service Plotr logox
 Register to explore all vacancies  Explore apprenticeships on a map or list  Write a winning Apprenticeship application


Higher Education – info on choosing, types and costs of getting a degree

 UCAS SACU Spartan Test Best Course 4 Me
 Listing of all undergraduate degrees  Explore degrees using Data Visualisation  Spartan Test – find your ideal degree  Wage returns and employment rate by degree and university
 UniStats Prospects Money Saving Expert
 Official website for comparing British HE course data  What you can do after your degree – employment info  Independent guide to finance for university study


Still not sure ? Check out other options at:-

 Not Going To Uni
 Info on alternatives to University including apprenticeships, gap years, jobs and more.


Volunteering Information Volunteering England Voluntary Service Overseas
 A database of volunteering opportunities  Promoting volunteering in your community  International Volunteering at no cost


Internships and Graduate Information

 Student Ladder
 A wide ranging site with info for students from 16 – 24 year of age




Somerset Apprenticeships Live Update

Live Updated Apprenticeship List 

A complete listing of Apprenticeships around Taunton are shown on the map below.

Further information can be found on the links below or by clicking on the vacancies shown on the map.

You should register with the National Apprenticeship Service website and look at other websites such as Plotr ,

Apprenticeships are at 3 different Levels

Intermediate level– Level 2 – GCSEs from E to A grade  – Study after GCSEs at 16

Advanced level – Level 3 – GCSEs at C to A grade – Study after GCSEs at 16

Higher Apprenticeships – Level 4 – Study after A levels at 18


Don’t just have a job, have a profession !

Why become a professional? At a basic level, you’ll earn more money! And you’ll have an interesting, worthwhile and challenging career in an area where you’ll become an expert.

What is the difference between a job, a career and a profession ?

A Job is just, well a job, with no clear future or progression, A career is traditionally seen as a course of successive situations that make up a person’s working life. A profession is an occupation, vocation or career where specialized knowledge of a subject, field, or science is applied. It is usually applied to occupations that involve prolonged academic training and a formal qualification.

Often you think of certain jobs linked to these areas. For example, working part-time on a supermarket checkout is a job, whilst working in a range of related jobs may be seen as a career. A professional can be an Accountant, Nurse or Lawver, but could also be a Motor Vehicle Technician, Building Services Engineer, Relationship Manager, Risk Manager, or a Business Continuity Adviser. You can qualify as a professional by going to University, by completing an Apprenticeship, by courses at your local FE College or by a combination of these options.  Welcome to Professions Week, running from 21st to 27th October 2013. Watch the video below for more info and check out their website.

To check out over 300 Professional bodies and many more careers check out Pathways to the Professions website.

Pathways to the Professions logo

Access Professions – Something for you for free !

As a student, teacher or parent, register with Access Professions by entering key information such as grades, subject interests, career aspirations and background. You will then be notified by email of relevant, high-quality opportunities from universities, businesses and third sector organisations, such as summer schools, work experience and taster days, on an on-going basis.


Somerset Careers Fair @ Junction 24, Bridgwater on Wednesday 16th October 2013

This is not a run of the mill ‘job fair’, oh no this is all about interaction with potential employers, colleges, universities and ‘things to do in your Gap Year’.

This event will assist you when making the right choices for your future. Come along to what promises to be a packed day full of information for those of you making that all important decision on your future.

Apprenticeships, Universities, Colleges, Employers can all be found at this event.  Some famous names include Airbus UK,  EDF Energy, Met Office, Cambridge and Oxford Universities, plus local names such as the Hair Academy South West, Holiday Inn and the Construction Industry Training Board.

Plus live broadcasts from Access FM Radio, plus the Royal Navy, Marines and Army will also be there.  Open until 8.00pm

Somerset Careers Fair 2013  -  Visitors Guide