CScape Dance Company


The Dance Department welcomes Jessamin Landamore from Cscape Dance Company who will be working with 40 Year 9 Students in a weeks long dance intensive.

Watch our trailer for the upcoming Dance Festival!

— Heathfield Dance Festival

Strictly Heathfield


Heathfield is pioneering its own “Strictly Heathfield” in aid of Red Nose Day.

This Dance extravaganza is proving extremely popular amongst staff and students. A sense of fevered excitement is building in the days leading up to the Final!

Staff participants are being supported by the Year 9 Dance Enrichment Company. The Grand Final takes place Friday 6 March in Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre (1.15-1.45 pm).


  1. Stu Walker and Rebecca Bird dance the Charleston.
  2. Lyn Gridley and Rhys Morgan perform Argentine Tango.
  3. Robin Trott and Lizzie Vowles (not photographed) demonstrate the iconic dance from Dirty Dancing.
  4. The Maths Department (left to right) Emily Gillard (back row), Helen Aries, James Cooke (on loan from Music Dept!), Estelle Smillie, James Andrews, Trudy Robertson, Vicky Richardson – go through their Disco routines.
  5. Jaz Wilson, Aileen St John, Ali Durand and Claire Martin – celebrate with the Salsa.

Strictly Heathfield Year 9 Dance Enrichment

Come and be part of an exciting opportunity for you to take part in a dance enrichment project with dance artist Lauren Caveney. As an accomplished dancer and choreographer Lauren will offer you a varied, challenging and fun week of dance!!!

The dance project will take place during the week starting Monday the 2nd March 2015 during school hours and will consist of; making your own choreography and how to create your own moves, learning a performance piece to be shown in the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre with professional lighting and sound. (Previous experiences not necessary)


Year 11 Dance


Congratulations to the year 11 dance companies on the 1st round of choreography. 12 down 44 to go!

A special thank you to Louise Barrah and Chiara Nightingill on the new company logo designs. They look fantastic. Keep dancing!

Currently the Dance Department is Working Towards…

Currently the Dance Department is working towards producing ‘Footloose’, a dance show which will take place at the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre on 24th and 25th of March 2014. The Footloose show will include performances from year 10 GCSE dance students as well as the year 11 GCSE Dance groups. Primarily Footloose provides the year 11 choreographers the performance opportunity for their final assessment and the chance to bring their creativity to life within two evenings of self-devised choreography. Additionally it offers year 10 dancers a chance to perform and be assessed on their performance in a group work. We are also organising a trip to see ‘Tavaziva Ten’ a dance performance at the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre which will not only aim to inspire our students but help them with their own performance and choreography.

Lunch Time Dance Clubs are still available once a week for year 7, 8 and 9 girls as well as an all-boys club. The club offers our younger students an opportunity to experience dance in a fun filled environment and an exciting chance to participate in a dance show at a later date. Dance clubs are currently working on techniques of different styles of dance. There will be a dance trip organised to see the Space students perform in Glasto to help inspire them and also get to know more members of the group.

Fresh Dance Crew (Boys lunch time club) has a very exciting opportunity to work with a professional dancer James Wilton, who is fresh from choreographing the Rugby League World Cup Opening Ceremony. The boys will learn a dance informed by martial arts and combat style movement in the day and then perform a curtain raiser performance for that evening.

Year 10 lunch time choreography club have been invited to perform in ‘Shift’ along with the Space students to show case their own creations, in an innovative and varied celebration of home-grown choreography on the 31st of March 2014 at The Space.

Furthermore the dance department is putting together a Dance Enrichment week called ‘Strictly Heathfield’ on the 10th-14th February. This is for any year 9 student who is eager to participate in a fun and exciting week of dance with Professional Dancer and ex Heathfield student Joe Garbett. They are taught different dance styles and techniques, learn a group dance, have their own time to devise movement material and a chance to work on contact work as well as the bonus opportunity to perform at the end of the week. The All-boys lunch time dance club will also participate in an afternoon workshop with Joe that week.