Tomorrows Engineers – STEM show Friday 13th December 2013

Tomorrow we are hosting a show presented by Tomorrows Engineers.

This preliminary talk will be a prelude to the STEM workshop sessiosn being held in the TMAC on thursday 23rd January 2014.

The show is being held in the small hall and promises to be an invaluable insight into the world of Science and engineering.

I hope that all Year 9 students benefit form this great event being sponsored by Airbus.

For more information about STEM please feel free to contact me, or come along to the STEM club in ICT2 on a tuesday lunchtime.

STEM evening 19th June 2013

We are so pleased to announce that we have secured another exciting STEM challenge here at Heathfield Commnity School.

We will be hosint a child and parent STEM engineering challenge. The event will run for 2 hours and is being funded by external agencies. The event will be supported again by STEM ambassodors from around the county.

We are only able to offer 40 places (20 students and 20 parents)

This promises to be another great event and all I have to do is ensure that everyone is supplied woth suitable amounts of tea and coffee.

We look forward to welcoming you to the event, if you have’nt returened your reply slip yet, you better get a move on as places are going fast.

Worlds first 3D printed car

What else will they think of to print in 3D, find out more by searching on the link below.


National science & engineering week is about to begin

It;s all getting very exciting.

At 5.30 pm on friday the lab in a lorry arrived at school. During the coming week, the students of Heathfield will experience an amazing array of Science and engineering events.

All of Y8 will get to experience some practical experiments onboard the lorry. This event is only possible due to the sponsorship of EDF, and the 6 brave volunteers who will be working with our students.

As a prelude to this week, we sent some of our top Y8 & 9 STEM students to Bridgewater college to compete against other schools from the local area. Mr Andrews and Mrs Allnutt we so impressed by the calibre and focus of our students. they also commented on the wonderful delivery of the material and so we would like to thank all of the staff, volunteers and Bridgewater college. Also EDF for sponsoring the event. A full review of how the students performed will be in the upcoming school newsletter. I can say this much, we are proud of our students who won 4 out of the 5 events and in particular to our Y8 students who stole the show. Great job guys and keep working hard in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Exciting events on the horizon

We are busy preparing for what is bound to be a very exciting week here at school as in March we will be hosting a variety of events to launch this years Science and Engineering week. This week we learnt that we had been successful in securing a Lab in a Lorry. A mobile unit that caters for Keystage 3 students. We have booked the 40ft wagon for three days and we hope to get as many students into the labs as possible. Keep watching this space for more news and early next week PDF of vehicle, facilities and opportunities for our students.

Happy New Year, to all Technology students.

To paraphrase Leonard Nimoy, “Design & Technology to carry on and prosper”. Good news for Design & Technology released yesterday. Education Secretary Michael Gove says the Government will ‘maintain a requirement’ for primary schools to teach art and design and design and technology at key stages one and two, alongside other core subjects.

However, he says study of these subjects will be shorter ‘to allow for the maximum level of innovation in the development of content in these areas.’

Gove says he will make an announcement on the secondary school national curriculum ‘in due course’.

The Design and Technology Association, which has been campaigning to keep D&T on the National Curriculum, says it is ‘delighted’ at the news.

In a statement it says, ‘We look forward to working in collaboration with the Department for Education and stakeholders in the community to develop and support the new National Curriculum in primary schools.’

As part of a campaign to keep D&T on the curriculum, a group of leading designers and education experts last year wrote to Gove to appeal for the subject to remain compulsory.