Post from a Digital Leader…

“Hi, I’m Matthew Sutton (7A), and I’m a digital leader at Heathfield. It is fun being a Digital Leader because it is intresting looking inside computers, helping people that are stuck etc. I have loved computers since the age of 5. The best thing I’ve done with the digital leaders is a presetation about transitions (Yr 6 – Yr 7). My presentation was all about what is it like joining Heathfield School”

Hope you enjoyed my blog post. I have also made a poster!
Poster of Digital Leaders

What have the Digital Leaders been up to?

We have been working on seperate porjects and the first thing we did was to create a “Computing Club” where we learnt about how laptops work. We dismantled some old laptops and looked at all the parts. Special thanks to Mr Walker, Mr Ryan, Mr Gossage and Tom Froom in Year 11!

Digi leader 1

Digi leader 2

Our “Apps Club” meets every TUESDAY and we have been looking at apps on the iPad. More information coming soon!

We have just started a “Programming / Gaming” Club and this runs on MONDAY lunchtimes in IT2.