Year 10 – Coastlines of Erosion – Revision

The two models below were the winning deisgns in our “Coastline of Erosion” revision aid. 30 points were awarded to both teams!!

Have a look at the features and see if YOU can remember the processes of EROSION and HOW these features were created….

Geog revision

And a different take on the coastline:

Geog revision1

Well done to everyone for some excellent coastlines!

Year 10 trip to the Coast!

Year 10 report: Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

We went to Durdle Door for the day. It was surprisingly hot as the morning was foggy and cold.

Beach trip

We walked an awful lot but the sites were beautiful, we saw mass movement and erosion.

coasts trip bay

We walked near lulworth cove. We sat down and had a rest after all of the walking! The lulworth cove has been there for thousands of years. Over time where we were sat, in about five thousand years we will be sitting in the sea, due to erosion.

Miss S

We then went into a nearby village near the cove and brought some ice cream, everyone was baking hot! Near where the fish and chip shop was Louise Barrah found a £5 note lucky her!!! After that, we all had a wander around the village. Then we got on the coach or mini bus and drove back to school after a long and tiring day.  Sadly on the Thursday trip they got held up by traffic! It was amazing day and we advise future year 10s to take this opportunity.


By Louise Barrah, Beth Davies and Daisy Ross

My personal Geography project:

Year 9 students have, for the last 3 weeks been working on geographical projects of their own choosing. These are the really diverse topics from 9r/1:

Choices for 9r1 switched

The winning presentation demonstrated excellent geographical knowledge, a slick presentation and great interactive moments and the winning team was……..

winning team 9r1

What have Year 9 students been up to this term?

Year 9’s have been creating “landscapes in a box”. A fantastic idea developed from Alan Parkinson.

Each group was given a GCSE landscape case study and their brief was to investigate how it was formed and then to recreate in a “box”. The following results demonstrate the amazing creativity our students have:

What have Year 7 been up to this term?

Year 7’s have been studying India. They are taking a “virtual fieldtrip” and have spent the last 3 weeks circling India, studying her physical and human features. The end result has been a 3D model showing these features. The students then annotated why people live where they do and have started to interpret maps. Here are a few results!

Buildings Shaped Like What They Sell…

Here is a little quiz! Looking for a good way to advertise your business?  Why not shape your  headquarters like what you sell or offer?  It’s worked out pretty well for these  businesses and groups. What do you think these companies, based in these buildings sell?