Heathfield School iPad Trial

Over the last few months you may have seen teachers using iPads around the school.

They are trialling aids to teaching and learning through new technology.

Teachers will be blogging their progress here on realsmart and on Twitter using the hashtag #heathfieldipadtrial

iPad Trial [Art]

Using a dictation app to assess students work. Early days yet, but has potential to speed up the process of assessment and adds the benefit of anecdotal informality [if that makes sense?].

The app is ‘Meeting Notes’ and has the functionality to not just record your voice, but also add images to the audio recording. There is an area to write notes to support the audio component.

At present, we are using this in conjunction with my normal spreadsheet of tracking students progress. We import the audio file to the spreadsheet, which then gives an overview of the whole unit of work.

The app has potential, but at present is time consuming when still using the spreadsheet. However, with some refining, it could be more efficient.

An example is attached

Audio Assessment

As a department, we are using the camera/video function a fair bit. This is excellent for recording evidence of student achievement, but also each other as colleagues when we did our dept. review. The iPad has an excellent camera. We also use the iPad for minute taking for our Dept. meetings. It’s very convenient to then email relevant staff straight away.

Each member of staff in the dept. would benefit from having an iPad to use and tailor it to their own professional needs. This would unlock the greater potential of the device. At present we are a little isolated in the use of the device. 



Ipad in motion (English)

Perhaps the best use of the iPad that I’ve discovered has been the iMotion app which Will mentioned below. I’ve had a couple of goes using it to annotate a poem. The app takes a picture at a predetermined interval (adjusted by you) as you work. This is then processed into a film. The films below were then imported into iMovie to allow me to insert pauses – I’d made it too fast to read in the first instance – and to add some jaunty music.

First go:

Second go:

I’ve also used an app called ‘VideoScribe’  – at the suggestion of Ian – to provide another revision resource:

I’ve also used and recommended a few apps to students, such as:


Cliffs Notes

The Edexcel past paper app is useful in a limited way – there are not many past papers for English since the exams have changed so much recently. It’s also free. The CliffsNotes app is okay…


Update June 2013:

Trial succesful. With the proviso that you have Apple TV, which allows pupils to view your IPAD screen on the whiteboard.

This has allowed me to use google earth, pinterest, calculator, dictionary and twitter easily and flexibly in the classroom.

The camera and video function is excellent and means pupils can see the work they produce in class, before it is shared (via the VLE and youtube). It has also made maintenance of the year 11 revision website far easier and more effective.

Imotion Hd (thanks for the tip Mike) which allows you to create stop motion animations. Great for simple starters, revision games and for reinforcing key skills.



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