UKMT Maths Challenge 2014


Pupils at Heathfield achieved 2 golds, 11 silvers and 31 bronzes in this year’s UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. Over 240,000 pupils from across the UK sat the Junior Maths Challenge with roughly the top 6% receiving a gold certificate, the next 13% silver and the next 21% bronze.

Jonah Fowler and Zak Aladin both achieved gold certificates in the challenge. Congratulations to all that took part!


We went to a maths show and it featured lots of magic tricks using maths. Then they explained how the tricks worked using maths like probability and algebra. We also did some maths puzzles before watching the show.

It was very interesting and there was lots of things to do. The best thing we found was where a machine would take a picture of your shadow while you pose. I really liked the fake tornado that was made out of mist that you could destroy with your hands. I also liked the tube that, when you put your hand on it looked like lightning. T’was amazing!

By Hannah & Rosey

— Year 8 trip to Techniquest

New Maths textbooks, homework books and reading books in the Library.

The Library has a new selection of Maths books on the shelves. You will find all your classroom textbooks and homework books available here and they can be used before, during and after school in the Library.

After chatting with Mrs Aries, we’ve also purchased some Maths ‘reading’ books. These are great for those of you that struggle to find a good fiction book to read – these new books are full of stories and information about the history of mathematics, famous maths problems and how we use maths in everyday life.

Here’s a video of Simon Singh talking about a famous mathematical theory that puzzled people for centuries – read the full story in his book ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’.

Higher GCSE – vectors revision on youtube

click here for how to do Higher Tier vector questions

For my top set year 11 and anyone else who might find it useful, here’s some worked examples of the vector questions we’ve been looking at.  Hope you find them useful.  There’s also some to practise on mymaths.  Aim for those A*s!!

‘VECTOR – committing crimes with both magnitude and direction’ (Courtesy of Dispicable Me)

Mrs Patmore

Maths Week

Maths week for year 7 and 8 in now over, but the fun is not over yet!  On Wednesday, year 7 and 8 students logged onto the ‘World Maths Day’ website, and answered 57258 questions correctly between them!   In the days leading up to this, an additional 155007 questions were answered – WOW!

There was a real buzz around school as students searched for the quiz posters in their classrooms, and learned how maths was used in different subjects.  Don’t worry if you have lost your quiz sheet or not found all of the answers – These have been shared below.  Just click on the links!  The closing date for the quiz is Friday 15th March.

Remember, year 7 and 8 homework is to answer the question ‘How Is Maths Used In My Other Subjects?’  Be as creative as possible.  If you don’t want to write this up, why not film a video, make a poster or design a Prezzi?  The closing date for this is Friday 15th March too!

Maths Week Student Sheet

Maths Week Quiz

Mr Andrews



Stationery Shop Price List (as of Jan 2013)

The following are available for Purchase in school through Mrs Aries in M5.

  • Calculators (scientific)  £8.00
  • Calculators (basic)  £2.00
  • Pencils   20p
  • Erasers  20p
  • Clear Pencil Case    80p
  • Pens  20p
  • 30cm Ruler   30p
  • 15cm Ruler   20p
  • Compass  50p
  • Protractor (360 degrees)  50p
  • Protractor (180 degrees)  30p
  • Sharpener    20p
  • Rough Book  30p
  • Exam Kit    £3.00

Year 11 – Past Papers

I have just uploaded a number of Exam Papers created by a company called ‘Churchill’.  These are for you to print off and work through.  I have also uploaded marking guides.  Let your teacher know if you want them to help you with any of the questions.

Mr Andrews