Yr11 Triple Science – @Bristol DNA Detectives & Ice Skating

29 students became forensic scientists to compare DNA samples from a crime scene with those from a group of suspects.  Using gel electrophoresis to separate DNA digested with restriction enzymes, every group had an excellent result in seeing distinctive genetic ‘fingerprints’ to distinguish between the samples and so identify the true suspect.

Then it was out into Millennium Square for some ice skating under the planetarium.  A lot was learned about resultant forces, momentum as well as the issues of a low friction environment.  Thanks to all students and staff for making this an event that is sure to become a popular feature of our Triple Science course.IMG_20161209_151327

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Tomorrows Engineers – STEM show Friday 13th December 2013

Tomorrow we are hosting a show presented by Tomorrows Engineers.


This preliminary talk will be a prelude to the STEM workshop sessiosn being held in the TMAC on thursday 23rd January 2014.

The show is being held in the small hall and promises to be an invaluable insight into the world of Science and engineering.

I hope that all Year 9 students benefit form this great event being sponsored by Airbus.

For more information about STEM please feel free to contact me, or come along to the STEM club in ICT2 on a tuesday lunchtime.

STEM club on this friday. Y8’s only today

We will be briefing you on the aims of the next project.

Fridays session will run from 1 – 1:30pm including a look at augmenting real games.

Learning objectives. Looking at how virtual worlds can be matched to the physical world.

STEM evening 19th June 2013

We are so pleased to announce that we have secured another exciting STEM challenge here at Heathfield Commnity School.

We will be hosint a child and parent STEM engineering challenge. The event will run for 2 hours and is being funded by external agencies. The event will be supported again by STEM ambassodors from around the county.

We are only able to offer 40 places (20 students and 20 parents)

This promises to be another great event and all I have to do is ensure that everyone is supplied woth suitable amounts of tea and coffee.

We look forward to welcoming you to the event, if you have’nt returened your reply slip yet, you better get a move on as places are going fast.

Worlds first 3D printed car

What else will they think of to print in 3D, find out more by searching on the link below. http://blog.stratasys.com/2013/03/06/3d-printed-car-will-set-new-standard-for-fuel-efficiency/?utm_source=outbrain&utm_medium=widget&utm_campaign=Stratasys_file&obref=ssys_list