Life at The SPACE is as busy as ever at the moment!

The Year One Company are devising and rehearsing for a Theatre in Education Tour that will be traveling around Somerset Primary Schools in March, raising the self-esteem of pupils in Year 5 and 6 through drama and dance performances and workshops. At the same time, they are preparing special films (using acting or dance for camera) that will be screened in a red-carpet premiere at The SPACE!

The Year Two Company are preparing Gap Year: a dance show that follows a group of students around the world, exploring different cultures and all the excitement of traveling abroad! This will close SPACE Fest – a festival three productions – following Gas Station Angel (a play performed in water!) and Angels in America (a play that included a nine-foot angel!)

Actors in their specialism time are developing skills in acting monologues and devising plays, and dancers are exploring techniques in choreography and jazz

We’d love you to come and see some of our work! Keep an eye on the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre website!