Yr11 Triple Science – @Bristol DNA Detectives & Ice Skating

29 students became forensic scientists to compare DNA samples from a crime scene with those from a group of suspects.  Using gel electrophoresis to separate DNA digested with restriction enzymes, every group had an excellent result in seeing distinctive genetic ‘fingerprints’ to distinguish between the samples and so identify the true suspect.

Then it was out into Millennium Square for some ice skating under the planetarium.  A lot was learned about resultant forces, momentum as well as the issues of a low friction environment.  Thanks to all students and staff for making this an event that is sure to become a popular feature of our Triple Science course.IMG_20161209_151327

IMG_20161209_151054 IMG_20161209_151139
IMG_20161209_160805 IMG_20161209_160840
IMG_20161209_164714 IMG_20161209_170658 IMG_20161209_170709 IMG_20161209_171207 IMG_20161209_171950 IMG_20161209_140217 IMG_20161209_140224 IMG_20161209_140307 IMG_20161209_140318 IMG_20161209_140330

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